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Racism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Racism - Essay Example Therefore, in order to keep that from happening, the indigenous people make use of racism and ethnic discrimination to scare the foreigners away. In order to eliminate racism and ethnic discrimination from our society, it is imperative that anti racism notions are cultivated in children in schools. Concepts developed in the schools play a fundamental role in determining the way a child would behave as an adult. Therefore, subjects as sociology and religion must be made necessary part of the curriculum in order to inculcate the sense of equality and harmony in the children so that they become responsible citizens as adults. In the workplace, employers should enforce rules that openly discourage the display of any sort of racism on the part of the employees. Employees showing racism should be expelled. Likewise, government should arrange lectures to convince the elderly against racism. I do not think that we would ever be able to completely rid the world of prejudice. Irrespective of t he education or grooming, people fundamentally behave as their nature dictates them to, though if the aforementioned measures are taken, people can be at least influenced to change their attitude towards people from other races.

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Response to Manuscript Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Response to Manuscript Review - Essay Example Response to Manuscript Review The two sentences that end the second last paragraph in the introduction, beginning with ‘However, in 2007/2008, Arab†¦Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ are examples of difficult expression and grammar. As an example of good practice please redraft these two sentences to improve clarity of expression and sentence structure. I totally agree with this interpretation, the two sentences indeed are examples of difficult expression and grammar. I have redrafted this two sentences in order to improve the clarity of expression and sentence structure. In order to emphasize this, the two sentences have been modified and now reds as follows: â€Å"However, in 2007/2008, Arab countries were force to bring back agriculture development to center of national strategic consideration. In fact, Iraqi government in their 2013-2017 NDP, they have emphasized on the role of agriculture by presenting concrete goals and associated investment.† â€Å"However, in 2007/2008, Arab countries were forced to revive agricultural development to center national strategic considerations. In 2013-2017 NDP, the Iraq government decided to emphasize on the role of agriculture by presenting concrete goals and associated investment.† â€Å"The process is done in accordance to the law regulating examinations of seeds developed by international union. This sentence has been modified and it now reads, â€Å"The process is done in accordance to the laws regulating examinations of seeds developed by international union of new varieties of plants.

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Indian dance Essay Example for Free

Indian dance Essay Kathak is the one of eight forms of Indian classical dances perform by men and women, originated from northern indian, known as kathakars or storytellers. The styles of dance have its unique character from the rhythmic footwork with rhythms that he or she stomps out barefoot on the floor, accented with many bells worn around the ankles ( and from seeing the guest artist I can say there were more than 100 bells around her ankles making lots of noise to go with the beats of the drum), spectacular spins, and also every dance piece has a story behind it. A traditional kathak performance features a solo dancer on a stage, surrounded on all sides by the audience. The repertoire includes amad ,the dramatic entrance of the dancer on stage. Male dancers perform in Persian costume of wide skirts and round caps, while female dancers wear a traditional Indian garment called a sari. Back in the day women are the one who preserved this traditional dance more than the men. Kathak are typically performs by one dancer surrounded by a group of musicians. The solo dancer performs the parts of all the characters in the story. For example the guest artist were going back and forth rapidly from one of her dance piece between two characters. She did it without changing her positions on stage, changes in gestures and facial expressions signal instantly which character they take on at that moment. Before the guest artist started her dance so did a pronom giving thanks to all five elements or also known as the god, space, wind, fire, water and earth. Dance is on the earth, the eyes wherever the eyes are the mind, where the mind there are feelings. The way Antara gave thank to the god were a little different from what we normally did in class, with more steps and she also added some singing and harmony into the rituals. Based on what Antara told us, kathak is a very intimate dance where it is a three ways conversation, between dancers with musicians and dancers with the audience. The tempo for kathak consist of 16 beats. Dancers sometime precise the beats while dancing. With kathak you can play with the rhythms, there is no set rhythms. Kathak consisted of a lot of feet movement and with that the bells around Antara added a more prominent movements. Even though the focused on her foot because of all the bells, we can still see that shes using her upper body. The arms movement were very smooth and elegant, her eyes moved according to her hands gestures. Antara played the Theka which looked and sound like the accordion, along with singing and dancing. The Theka did not stop Antara from doing her incredible spins and keeping the tempo while doing all these things at once. Stomping her foot very fast and loud on the floor seems to be away for her to keep her tempo. Even when she was stomping her foot her hands and head was still doing a lot of movement to help tell the story. During her performance she uses a lot of phrases in Indian and it was hard for me to understand or catch what she was saying. But she later on explained that it is just like how we counts beats in america instead of using numbers, in Indian dance they used the language of the drums. Her right foot always ended in the front to help her keep up with the beat and also so that her body can face the audience and interacted with them. Her dance move was not all fast but it was very precise and very professional. Antara dances very elegant and somehow I can see her personality throw the way she moved the way she carry herself on all the dance pieces. She is a great dancer and a great guest artist for the style, she makes me want to learn more about the style and actually go see her performance in San Francisco.

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Violent Music Lyrics Increase Aggressive Thoughts and Feelings :: violence, music, agression, psychology,

Music, a popular outlet amongst the teen community for exploring emotions and blowing off steam. Times have changed, and the way music and lyrics are perceived has developed in a violent fashion. According to new studies, that have occurred, violent music lyrics increase aggressive thoughts and feelings. I chose this topic because music is such an influential part of our lives that it often dictates the mood we seize to exist in. If violent thoughts occur, what can come of it? Teens and the human populous have been draw to music, and the relief it gives off. As recent as the 1990’s, we’ve seen an increase in explicit and violent lyrics and deviant behavior in the music industry surrounding such genres as heavy metal, rock, rap, and gangster rap. During this past decade, lyrics are becoming more violent and sexually explicit. It is approximated that teens listen to an average of 40 hours of music a week, and somewhere along the way, a child will hear something derogatory, or cruel. Along with this, teens don’t necessarily interpret what is said through lyrics in the right manner. In one study, only 30% of those somewhat questionable lyrics by popular bands were comprehended by the teen population. Although lyrics are seen as the most likely reason for teen violence to occur, it is questionable as to why? Lyrics allow the listener to interpret the music in any which way they so choose, and for the majority of the time, the listener doesn’t process the lyrics effectively. Lyrics are under the most scrutiny due to explicit content, but when rapper ‘Precise’ was interviewed, he said he didn’t feel the need to kill any one, or bring harm to anyone. Video games, where are actually interactive, force the participant to do the killing, punching, or any other method of violence the game brings, which is what should raise concern to parents and media across the nation. In order for this problem to adjust over time, much work will be necessary. I believe that our country as a whole should focus not so much on the content of the lyrics, but who the musical artists themselves are. Just because lyrics are profound doesn’t mean that the artist believes in them, they could be relating to previous acts that have occurred in their lives, or speaking freely on the problems our society is faced with. It would be beneficial for our country if a sensor council or committee was founded to screen all songs and albums before they’re released, in order to identify them with a warning label or not

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Saving Someone’s Life As A Heroic Act

Saving someone’s life is always looked upon as a heroic. It is acceptable for society to ridicule us should we choose not to respond? Should society throw shame and guilt on us? If in the process of saving someone’s life we loose ours, we did a heroic act, but is that wise? Saving someone else life is a heroic act and deserve a lot of praise and respect. If one person tries to save the life of another person on the cost of his own life then this is a very noble act. Though in our society there are people of every thought and not everyone will appreciate this act, however, we should not see what people say about it. When one person is in very difficult situation that it can cost his life, then we should put our all efforts to save the life of a person. It is our moral responsibility as well as brotherhood. We must understand the situation while thinking that suppose if we would be in such a tough and difficult situation we would like someone to come and save us then it is of utmost importance that we should give our full support to such a person. The question that ‘whether we’ll loose our life in saving other person’s life? ’ remains controversial. As it is not necessary that we will loose ours but of course there are chances that we can loose our own life in an attempt to save other’s life. However, this is the main point of nobility to prefer others over our own self. This is the reason that it is said to be the heroic act. In saving other person’s life society may ridicule us because we took risk of our own life to save other person’s life. But we should always ignore what people say about this. We must not respond to the irritating remarks. Instead, society should always encourage these noble acts and must not blame or throw shame on others. The real essence of our life is to help out others in all possible circumstances. We must prefer and give value to others over our own-self. Hence, this is not the act of shame, but it is a dignified act and has a noble cause. It is not reasonable that society must ridicule us. In fact, ridiculing such a noble act is itself an act of disgrace. We must have enough courage to think of every individual as an important being. Such act also involves immediate thinking and taking decision to save other person from danger. If all society will turn to be more self-fish and refrain from saving others in time of danger then this is a dishonor. For example, if we see a car accident and if we see driver can be pulled out of the car before it goes on flames then we must immediately do it. Though it bears the risk that car will blow-off and anyone standing nearby will blow-off too, but refraining to help driver out will be a selfish act. The decision that whether we should risk our lives or whether we should let other person die is an important one. Nevertheless, the wisdom lies behind the fact that we must put our all efforts to save other person as we might seek when our own life will be in danger. Though it will involve taking risk of our own lives but still we should do our best to save others. This is the act of great generosity and nobility. A dying person always seeks help from others and wants others to save his life. This is our moral duty to save other person. The wisdom behind this act is that we must give preference to others over our own self and secondly we must help others in a way that we seek from others.

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Chaucers Views Exposed in The Canterbury Tales Essay

Chaucers Views Exposed in The Canterbury Tales The Canterbury Tales were written and pieced together in the late 1380s, early 1390s. The author of the book is Geoffrey Chaucer. When considering the structure of the tales, one can deduce that they were put together using Framework Narrative, a very unique style of writing. The opening prologue speaks of 29 pilgrims, including Chaucer, who are all on a pilgrimage to Canterbury. All of them are seeking a certain shrine for spiritual cleansing, and relief. The journey was to be long, but in the end it would all be worth it. Chaucers social views and prejudices are revealed through his description of the pilgrims in The Canterbury Tales. Chaucer presents†¦show more content†¦At this point, one might construe that social status is somewhat important to Chaucer. Chaucers view of the clergy class is not as positive as his view of the ruling class. For example, Chaucer describes the Prioress/Nun using a great amount of satire. He speaks of how the nun has excellent etiquette and manners. She tries so hard to be respected and viewed as one with higher status. Her character is best described in the quote:  · She took pains to imitate court behavior, to be dignified in bearing and to be considered worthy of respect.(Chaucer Pg. 3-Line 26) He says that the Monk deviated from traditional requirements expected of a monk, such as hunting, and roaming throughout life beyond monastery walls. A quote that best describes the monk is:  · Why should he study and drive himself crazy, always poring over a book in his cloister, or work and slave with his hands as St. Augustine orders? (Chaucer Pg. 4-Line 21) The Friar was the worst of them all. He was a gossiper, he was evil in his ways of offering absolution, and he took advantage of people, rich and poor. He indulged in secular pleasures, and he only wanted to work with the rich for what he could gain. He refused to work with the poor, for they were all Lepers! and were no help when a man is trying to improve his social status. He was an extremely cunning man, and a quote that fits himShow MoreRelatedChaucers View of Women Exposed in The Canterbury Tales778 Words   |  4 Pageswho break out of the stereotypical â€Å"good wife† mold. When an author uses this technique effectively, the woman often carries the story. In Geoffrey Chaucers Canterbury Tales, he portrays the Wife of Bath, Alison, as a woman who bucks the tradition of her times with her brashness and desire for control. Chaucer effectively presents a womans point of view and evokes some sympathy for her. In the authors time, much of the literature was devoted to validating the frailties of women. However, inRead MoreGeoffrey Chaucers Use of Characterization Essay1308 Words   |  6 Pagesappealed to those of all walks of life. Chaucer’s work resulted in mass appeal because it used many forms of characterization to present the characters to the reader. In Geoffrey Chaucer’s Prologue to the Canterbury Tales, Chaucer uses thoughts and actions, his word, and satire to characterize The Squire and The Wife of Bath. Geoffrey Chaucer is well known for his use of characterization in his works. A notable work of Chaucer was Prologue to the Canterbury Tales. This piece was notable because it appealedRead MoreThe Canterbury Tales By Geoffrey Chaucer1073 Words   |  5 PagesIn The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer introduced and described a variety of fictional characters that lived in the Middle Ages. It was the time period that European civilians were governed by a system called feudalism. Where kings were the head of the system and everyone was categorized in social classes. In the prologue of The Canterbury Tales the first character introduced was the knight. Geoffrey Chaucer depicts the knight correctly by characterizing him as a chivalrous and honorable man,Read MoreEssay on Comparing the Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale569 Words   |  3 PagesGeoffrey Chaucer’s poem The Canterbury Tales a young Chaucer tells of the people he meets on a pilgrimage to the shrine of Saint Thomas Beckett in Canterbury. One of the most vivacious characters on the pilgrimage is The Wife of Bath. Both the Wife of Bath’s prologue and tale share a common theme of a woman’s control in a relationship with a man. The Wife of Bath and the old hag in her tale share a similar perspective on what women want most in life. In the prologue and tale the reader is exposed to theRead MoreThe Use Of Satire In The Canterbury Tales By Geoffrey Chaucer1406 Words   |  6 Pages Geoffrey Chaucer wrote The Canterbury Tales, using his characters as the mouthpiece for his iconoclastic views. Chaucer had serious issues with the hypocrisy of the church as well as, many other sacred institutions. The only reason that Chaucer was not exiled or even imprisoned for his views is the way in which he exposed them. Through the allegorical meanings of this text and Chaucer’s claim that he is simply retelling the events of his pilgrimage to Canterbury as it occurred, Chaucer is savedRead M ore Powerful Satire in Chaucers Canterbury Tales Essay3466 Words   |  14 PagesPowerful Satire in The Canterbury Tales If one theme can be considered overriding or defining throughout Medieval European society, it would most likely be the concept of social class structure. During this early historical period in Europe, most of society was divided into three classes or estates: the workers, the nobles, and the clerics. By Chaucers time, however, the powerful estate structure had begun to wear down. Weaknesses in the system became apparent, as many people, such as ChaucerRead MoreThe Canterbury Tales By Geoffrey Chaucer952 Words   |  4 PagesIn The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, the life of the nobility compared to that of the poor proves to be a much harder life to live because of the many obligations and responsibilities. Chaucer ironically portrays this notion in The Nun’s Priest’s Tale, contrasting the easy life of the widow, who is poor, with Chanticleer, a rich rooster. The widow’s life is much easier because she does not have to worry about keeping up with the soci etal expectations of the rich. Whereas, Chanticleer, theRead MoreGood and Evil in Dante’s Divine Comedy and Chaucer’s The Wife of Bath1877 Words   |  8 Pagestwo opposing thought processes can be seen by looking at Dante’s Divine Comedy, and Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales: The Wife of Bath. Even though Dante and Chaucer never met, Dante died nineteen years before Chaucer was born, Dante inadvertently became Chaucer’s life long mentor. Dante’s severe spirit turned out to be far more harsh than Chaucer’s mild nature, however Dante’s protà ©gà ©, Boccaccio, became one of Chaucer’s greatest inspirations. While under Boccaccio’s wing Chaucer learned an appreciationRead MoreKnight And Squire In The Canterbury Tales Essay913 Words   |  4 PagesThe Canterbury Tales were written by Geoffrey Chaucer the 1300s, and told the story of twenty-nine travelers making a pilgrimage to Canterbury, England. The pilgrims wished to visit the relics of Saint Thomas Becket, in the Canterbury Cathedral. In the prologue, the narrator depicts each character and their demeanor. Two particular characters in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, the Knight and Squire, help to exemplify the idea that wisdom and respect come with experience and age. The Knight’s wisdom andRead MoreCharacters in the General Prologue to The Canterbury Tales Essay1220 Words   |  5 PagesThe Canterbury Tales are essentially a Chaucerian satire; the author sets out to deliberately upset the social order present at the time and proceeds to mock the faults innate in the characters. Chaucer gives a compressed view of characters such as the Knight and the Monk; in their descriptions, a preview of the kind of stories we can expect from these people is given. Take for example the Miller; his physical description alleviates him as a thick brute with a filthy mouth that was `moost of sin

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Examples of Physical Properties of Matter - Comprehensive List

This is an extensive list of physical properties of matter. These are characteristics that you can observe and measure without altering a sample. Unlike chemical properties, you do not need to change the nature of a substance to measure any physical property  it might have.   You may find this alphabetical list to be especially useful if you need to cite examples of physical properties. A-C AbsorptionAlbedoAreaBrittlenessBoiling pointCapacitanceColorConcentration D-F DensityDielectric constantDuctilityDistributionEfficacyElectric chargeElectrical conductivityelectrical impedanceElectrical resistivityElectric fieldElectric potentialEmissionFlexibilityFlow rateFluidityFrequency I-M InductanceIntrinsic impedanceIntensityIrradianceLengthLocationLuminanceLusterMalleabilityMagnetic fieldMagnetic fluxMassMelting pointMomentMomentum P-W PermeabilityPermittivityPressureRadianceResistivityReflectivitySolubilitySpecific  heatSpinStrengthTemperatureTensionThermal conductivityVelocityViscosityVolumeWave impedance Physical vs. Chemical Properties Chemical and physical properties are related to chemical and physical changes. A physical change only alters the shape or appearance of a sample and not its chemical identity. A chemical change is a chemical reaction, which rearranges a sample on a molecular level. Chemical properties encompass those characteristics of matter that can only be observed by changing the chemical identity of a sample, which is to say by examining its behavior in a chemical reaction. Examples of chemical properties include flammability (observed from combustion), reactivity (measured by readiness to participate in a reaction), and toxicity (demonstrated by exposing an organism to a chemical).